ChainPort Partners with SW DAO for Polygon Bridging Services

Boldly port tokens to the blockchain where no external token has been exchanged before

ChainPort, a next-gen hard-security blockchain bridge that lets you hop across chains at a click, has partnered with SW DAO — an Ethereum based blockchain ecosystem that seeks to provide the next generation of automated trading products to Main Street crypto investors. The new partnership will allow existing SWD Token holders on the ETH mainnet to seamlessly port their Layer 1 tokens over to the Layer 2 Polygon network using ChainPort’s token bridging service at The movement to Polygon allows for significantly reduced transaction fees and decreased wait time for pending transactions.

“This partnership is a big step for SW DAO as we continue to work towards building the most user-friendly blockchain ecosystem possible,” said Alexander Markl, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at SW DAO. “We’re excited to provide our users with an easy way to access the Polygon network and take advantage of its amazing features.”

“The ChainPort team is thrilled to partner with SW DAO and help contribute to their impressive ecosystem,” said Maximiliano Stochyk Duarte, Head of Marketing at ChainPort. “SW DAO’s large user base and commitment to providing quality products make them a perfect partner for us.”

The Polygon Network is a big improvement to the slow ETH mainnet because it offers increased scalability and faster transaction times. With ChainPort’s token bridging service, users on the SW DAO platform will be able to seamlessly access these new Layer 2 benefits without having to worry about complicated processes or procedures.

SWD token holders currently receive monthly dividend payments in USDC from the ecosystem revenue of the DAO. The transition to Polygon lowers transaction costs by more than 90%, making these airdropped payments even more appealing for SWD token investors who want to compound their personal portfolio in the passive income product lines the DAO provides.

This partnership marks an important step in the development of both companies who seek to capitalize on the multi-chain blockchain world we now live in. With 500,000 daily active addresses on the Polygon network, SW DAO and ChainPort seek to capture a segment of the growing Layer 2 market that is not currently dominated by any single institution.

About SW DAO: SW DAO offers a range of strategic DeFi investment products which allocate capital based on Machine Learning and quantitative methods. If you are looking for an innovative, data-driven way to invest your funds, SW DAO may be the right choice for you.

About ChainPort: ChainPort is creating bridges between blockchains, turning a fragmented crypto space into a unified universe. With ChainPort multi bridges, boldly port tokens to the blockchain where no external token has been exchanged before.

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