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SW DAO is proud to announce the beta launch of our dApp investment platform on June 8th. This dApp will allow users to buy and sell all of SW DAO’s upcoming products, as well as review the performance history in comparison to its relevant benchmark. The dApp launch is a beta and will feature a Feedback tool that allows users to provide comments about the current application and address any concerns or requests for future features. We are excited to bring this platform public after a long development delay.

Product Page

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek of our new SWD token page! All product pages will look similar to this one, featuring comparative charts, the TVL of products, their product constituents as well as the ability to add a token into your metamask wallet. We think you’ll find our product pages to be a valuable resource when considering which investment products are right for you.

Products Table

Our product table is designed to give you a clear overview of all our products and their performance across different time frames. You can use this page to track our products and compare them during different market conditions. While past performance is not indicative of future results, it can help guide your decision-making process. Our product table is easy to use and provides the important information you need to make informed decisions about your investments.

Structured Product Launch

On June 8th, many structured products that have been anxiously awaited by investors will launch. Our discretionary-based Alpha Portfolio, our fully-automated Quantum Momentum strategies, our simple to understand Buy The Dip strategies, and our most popular Yield Funds will all become available.

Each of these investment vehicles comes with different levels of risk and reward associated with them, so we hope that investors will be able to find the blend of products that best meets their needs. We believe that these products will provide valuable opportunities for those looking to grow their portfolio in a variety of ways.

Product Feedback Tool

Our feedback tool will be a valuable asset during our beta launch. With it, you can submit screenshots, send text information, and even attach a video for us to review. Your feedback and comments will help make our dApp more user-friendly and optimize the experience for future generations. We look forward to seeing what you submit to us.

When you submit feedback, it will automatically be forwarded to our Github for our developers to directly address, as well as a public forum where other community members can comment or upvote your remarks. This way, we can ensure that all feedback is addressed promptly and effectively. Thanks in advance for your help!

Stay Tuned

We are excited to announce the Beta launch of our dApp on Polygon, marking the beginning of our mission to bring the best-in-class structured investment products to crypto. Leveraging the low fees and high transaction speeds of the Polygon network, we can provide access to our products with minimal upfront costs, and to anyone anywhere in the world.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and we look forward to bringing more public soon. Our dApp launch on Polygon is just the first step in our mission to provide access to high-quality investment products for everyone. Stay tuned for more announcements!

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