Exclusive Access: Galleon DAO Private Sale ($DOUBLOON)

For SWD token holders only :moneybag:

As part of our effort to be an industry leader in structured products, SW DAO has partnered up with Galleon DAO for an exclusive private sale — only available to current SWD token holders.

SW DAO has been allocated $150,000 out of an oversubscribed $1M private sale for Galleon DAO’s native token $DOUBLOON. SW DAO is offering this exclusive opportunity to only bearers of SWD tokens.

What is Galleon DAO?

Galleon DAO is a guild of like-minded experienced and aspiring investor product methodologists aiming to research, design, and create best-in-class structured products to be distributed through select ecosystem partners and DAO-owned applications (SetSwap).

Products brought to market through Galleon will be monetized to drive revenue back to the DAO and fund future initiatives and events.

About the Private Sale

Galleon DAO’s $1M private sale of $DOUBLOON has already been sold out to leading investors such as 1kx. SW DAO was able to receive a 15% allocation of the round through existing business experience with Andrew from the Set Labs team. $DBL (DOUBLOON) is priced at $0.05 a piece, will have an FDV of $5M and 20% of the initial supply circulating at launch. All private sale tokens are linearly vested over 3-years with no initial lock-up period.

What is the $DOUBLOON token’s purpose?

The Galleon DAO is controlled by Doubloon token holders who participate in voting on off-chain proposals that impact governance within the Galleon product ecosystem.

Unlike commonly used governance voting models that can be cumbersome and slow, Galleon aims to be a fast-paced, aggressive, and governance streamlined DAO. This model, called Optimistic Governance, involves the community not voting in favor of proposals, but rather voting for development to cease.

Doubloon Tokenomics

  • 65% Community Allocation
  • Max Supply: 100M
  • Deployment Network: Arbitrum
  • $DBL Initial Circulating: 20M (5% Airdrop, 5% LBE, 10% Treasury)
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $5M
  • Circulating Market Cap: $1M
  • Seed Token Valuation: $0.05


How to Participate

SWD token holders can participate in this pre-sale by submitting their allocation request via Google form. We are asking that allocation requests be submitted by Thursday, Jan 27th. Deposits via USDC on Polygon or Mainnet must be submitted by Sunday, January 30th.

SWD Holding Requirement

We are accepting community allocation requests based on the following SWD holding tiers. 100–500 SWD can request to purchase up to $2.5k worth of DBL, 50–1000 SWD can request up to $5k worth of DBL, and +1000 SWD can request up to $25k worth of DBL:

  • 100–500 SWD: Up to $2.5k in DBL
  • 500–1000 SWD: Up to $5k in DBL
  • +1000 SWD: Up to $25k in DBL

Galleon DAO x SW DAO AMA — Tuesday, January 25

Andrew from Galleon DAO will be answering community and founding team questions in our Discord on Tuesday, January 25th at 3 PM UTC.

This partnership marks the first step in the creation of these much-needed financial products. Both SW DAO and Galleon DAO seek to be two leading Layer 2 decentralized structured product builders and will leverage each other’s knowledge from quantitative finance and smart contract development to accomplish such tasks. We are excited about this partnership and what it means for the future of both projects!

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