February Dividend for DAO Governance Members

0.09 USDC per SWD token held :moneybag:

SW DAO is pleased to announce that a dividend payment of 0.09 USDC per SWD token has been airdropped to all Governance members for the month of February. This dividend represents a portion of the DAO income passing through from the Treasury to SWD token holders who participated in >50% of February’s governance votes and have held SWD for >30 days. $6,300 of pass-through income was split across 55 eligible Dividend recipients.

The SW DAO team remains committed to providing monthly dividend payments to all eligible Governance members, as we believe this is the best way to ensure long-term value for our decentralized community. Thank you for your continued support — this is an important milestone as we continue to grow and develop our operations.

Why do SWD holders get a dividend?

Our token holders represent the board of directors for our investment bank, and we feel it’s important that you get compensated properly for the million-dollar decisions you’ll be helping to make in the future.

I don’t own any SWD, how can I sign up?

If you like the idea of governing a bank and receiving passive income for doing so, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Purchase SWD tokens here .
  2. Hold those tokens for >30 days.
  3. Participate in >50% of community governance votes per month.

That’s all! Just buy, hold, and participate. You’ll automatically become eligible for the dividend.

Read more about the monthly dividends in our GitBook:

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