Free SWAP/SWYF Polygon Exchange For Current Investors

turn your mainnet SWAP/SWYF into polygon SWAP/SWYF

Are you a current ETH mainnet SWAP/SWYF investor?

Here’s how to get your SWAP/SWYF changed into Polygon SWAP/SWYF with a full fee reimbursement by the Founding Team:

  1. Send your SWAP/SWYF to 0x52dddf6a08d2787f2629d582921a684a9e4d2e31 on the ETH mainnet (DAO Treasury Address)
  2. Now just wait patiently, we will refund your ETH gas fees on the mainnet + send you the same $ amount of SWAP/SWYF on the Polygon network (to the same address you sent from)

Expect a maximum of 12–24 hour turnaround time for reimbursements + your new allocation.

You can message Alex | SW DAO#4689 on Discord so he can properly attend to your exchange — or should you like to change the Polygon address your new SWAP/SWYF is to be delivered to.

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