NEW: Lower Management Fees

2% fee to outperform the market :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Starting today, we are lowering the fees for our structured tokenized products. Previously, we charged either 5, 10, or 15 percent of the capital under the management of the strategy per year. But now, we’re dropping that to just 1 or 2 percent!

We believe this will incentivize more people to give our products a try — after all, who wouldn’t want to take home more money? Our strategies have always outperformed the market and with these new lower fees, they’ll provide you with even more capital to put back into your pocket.

Community Discussion

After discussion with our product investors, along with potential product investors, we agreed with their feedback. Charging up to a 15% management fee on products with little live trading history was a deterrent. On StackedInvest we previously offered our products for $300 to $450 per month, regardless of size.

As we transitioned to a decentralized product offering we have been seeking to find a great starting point for fees, and based on community feedback these initial high fees were actively preventing people from thinking about trying out our tokens. As a result, we have decided to lower our fees in order to make our products more accessible and attractive to potential customers. We believe that this decision will help us to grow our customer base and achieve our long-term goals.

Why 2% or Less

When we set our fee, we took a number of factors into account. First, we knew that the average hedge fund fee is known as 2 and 20, meaning 2 percent management and 20 percent performance. We believe the 2% management fee is fair and one of the lowest fees, compared to other strategies that waive the management fee but charge up to 38% performance fee. Second, we wanted to be transparent with our fees so that our investors would know exactly what they were paying for.

We believe that the 2% management fee is a good balance between providing value for our investors and ensuring that our interests are aligned. We are confident that our investment strategy will provide good returns for our investors and that the 2% management fee is a fair fee for the services we provide.

Your Input Matters

As a community, we are always open to feedback in order to improve our products and services. Whether it is in marketing, user experience, product development, or smart contract creation, your input is valuable to us. We want to create the best passive income streams available, and we can only do that with the help of our community.

We thank all our DAO members for their honest input and if you ever have a suggestion or productive feedback, please don’t hesitate to speak up in the Discord. We are always listening and ready for discussion.

Our Mission

At SW DAO, we seek to provide global direct access to the best-in-class automated investing strategies. Our mission is to make DeFi technology available to all, regardless of geographic boundary or economic status. Lowering the fees is one way we are aligning our products further with our mission.

By making our products more accessible and affordable, we hope to democratize the world of automated investing and level the playing field for everyone. We believe that this mission will have a positive impact on the world and help pave the way for a more prosperous future.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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