November Meme Contest Winners

Thank you for the overwhelming community interest and submission of over 200 unique applications to SW DAOs first Meme contest! We are delighted by the creativity and quality work shown by everyone who participated.

From spray-painted artwork to animated videos of our team members — we could not even begin to express our appreciation for the content created. We had a great time reviewing all the submissions as they came in, now it’s time to reward the winners!

The winners selected were chosen by a panel of 10 long-time community members.

First Place - 50 SWD

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of our November Meme contest is @remanankhan.

This creator’s meme accurately encapsulates all the protection that SW DAO products offer to the individual DeFi user, while also adding a slight comedic element. SW DAO seeks to be every DeFi user’s source of passive income generation through the utilization of smart alpha products, and there was no better meme to better represent that goal.

Second Place - 25 SWD

Second Place goes to user @CryptoProGOAT.

This creator’s meme made us laugh from the start of the competition and continues to make us do so, no matter how many times we view it. Who doesn’t love the Russian Dancing Guy meme? We believe that SWD holders will soon be doing their own dance moves as we launch on Dec 1st.

Third Place - 10 SWD

Just one vote short of tying for second place is user @skicsyen.

This creators’ use of comparing DeFi industry magnates to that of the up-and-coming SW DAO perfectly encapsulates the impact we plan to have as we make our entry into the DeFi space. One day we hope to look back at this meme and laugh at how accurate it was.

Thank you all for these great submissions! We appreciate everyone’s efforts and your contribution to the community culture at SW DAO.

The SW DAO dApp launches on December 1st at

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