Now On Polygon — SW Alpha Portfolio & SW Yield Fund

Faster & Less Expensive (literally pennies)

SW DAO is proud to announce that our flagship strategies SW Alpha Portfolio (SWAP) and SW Yield Fund (SWYF) are now available on Polygon.

Why Polygon Now?

We are increasing the global accessibility to our products with the launch of our Products on low-fee Polygon. We can’t wait to see how our community chooses to use the faster and less expensive Polygon network to their advantage.

Today we bought SWAP via USDC for $0.20 and SWYF via USDC for $0.01.

This is the type of easy market access our Tokenized Product investors deserve!

What is the SW Alpha Portfolio (SWAP)?

The SW Alpha Portfolio (SWAP) is our flagship strategy, leveraging both human intuition and machine-learning. Our automated systems are monitoring and evaluate movement in the crypto markets 24/7 and generate signals for our traders to act on.

Capable of profiting in both Bull and Bear environments, this portfolio has historically outperformed ETH by a factor of ~1.4x.

SWAP: TokenSets - Asset Management Simplified

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What is the SW Yield Fund (SWYF)?

The SW Yield Fund is an intelligently managed portfolio that seeks to capitalize on the DeFi industries increasing prevalence of “Yield Farming”.

SWYF seeks a target return of 80% APY — net of fees — by scanning a wide variety of Yield Farms and intelligently allocating across them to mitigate risk while maximizing return. The goal of SWYF is to take full advantage of the interest payments Yield Farms generate while preventing the risk of ruin.

SWYF: SW DAO Yield Fund (SWYF) Token Tracker | PolygonScan

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