Our Commitment to Transparency and Community Input

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We believe that in order to build a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) we need to embrace the value of transparency and community feedback. That’s why we are committed to building our own development team, open-sourcing our code, and treating this project as an Open Source Software (OSS) project going forward.

Since the November 2021 launch of SW DAO, we have relied on a third-party development team to help us develop our dApp. Starting today, we are moving development in-house and opening up the codebase for community input. This move is in line with our core values of transparency and increased decentralization.

Our dApp has the potential to be at the forefront of the DeFi space, and we believe that by open-sourcing our code and inviting community input, we can continue to innovate and lead the industry. We are committed to building the best possible product for our users, and open source development is key to achieving that goal. Thank you for your continued support as we move forward with this transition.

In All Honesty

dApp development is a tricky process, as anyone in the industry will tell you. There are a lot of moving parts, and it can be hard to keep track of everything. That’s why it’s important to have a team that is organized and efficient. We believe that our newly established Dev team is more than capable of meeting deadlines and delivering a quality product, especially beyond that of the current team working on our dApp. However, we understand that sometimes things happen beyond our control.

Our team acknowledges that we requested new TokenSets integration, and moved to the Polygon network earlier than planned. But it is up to our Developers to provide updated timelines of development, and not just tell us what we want to hear and only communicate with us when there are problems. This has been an ongoing concern of ours since March and even when speaking to their team leaders, there has been no resolution as often requested.

We understand that development can be unpredictable, and delays are inevitable. But what is not acceptable is a lack of communication and honesty about the development process. We need to be able to trust that our Developers are working hard to build the best dApp possible and that they will keep us updated on their progress, even if it isn’t always good news. We understand that building a dApp can be difficult, but development delays should not be kept hidden from us. We rely on this information to make informed business decisions and it is essential for the success of our company.

Why Now

It has been over 5 weeks since the initial team has missed their deadline for total dApp completion. A full-stack developer we recently spoke to off the record has said “I feel like if I miss a deadline that means no pay”. We believe that refunding 2 out of 7 milestone payments from escrow, paying 5/7 of the original proposal for the product in its non-finished form, is a more than fair compromise to resolve this issue.

We are taking these steps now following the review of the backend database by our in-house developer BigMike. To directly quote him regarding the in-development backend, “[the backend is] way overcomplicated for what it does, and would be inordinately difficult to maintain”. After internal discussion, it became clear that we can speed up the development timeline and provide a better experience ourselves than at the hands of a non-committed third-party team.

As a result, we have decided to move forward with a dApp development solution that will allow us to more easily meet our deadlines and provide a better user experience. DeFi applications are complex and require a high degree of technical expertise. Our new dApp development team has the necessary skills and experience to build a quality product that meets our needs and those of our users.

Our Next Steps

At SW DAO, we are committed to building products that serve the needs of our community. Over the coming weeks, we will be opening up our development process to more community feedback and involvement. We want the public to see what we are working on and understand our development process. We will be deploying our Beta dApp on our main page as soon as possible, adding customer feedback software, and beginning all the work required to push this product to a presentable state. We have already prepared an internal changelog for fixes needed to be done.

We believe that by being more transparent and involving the community in our development process, we can build better products that serve the community’s needs. All of this work is necessary to bring our vision to fruition and create a world-class product that meets the needs of our users.

Asking For Your Help

As we move into the future, SW DAO will be increasingly reliant on our community for product development. We have always been a diverse group of builders, traders, marketers, and more, but now we are handing over more power to the community in order to build the products and future that we first envisioned. We are anxious for feedback from our community and will deploy treasury funds to those who help us build. We would like to thank those who have been with us since day one and look forward to their productive input. Let this be a learning moment and the start of something great for all of us.

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