Our Progress Over the Past Week

Source Code Changes and Bug Fixes :space_invader:

It’s been a little over a week since we opened our beta to the public, and we’ve been working hard to address all the feedback and bugs that have come up. In this document, we outline all the changes we’ve made over the past week to the source code.

We’ve fixed several bugs, and prioritized many patches through the rest of the month. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received from the community, and we’re committed to making sure that SW DAO’s user experience is the best possible experience for everyone!

We know there are still some bugs out there, and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through them!

Change Log

We made a number of modifications to our dApp front end and back end from June 6th to June 14th. Our change log includes all the specific lines of code that were modified and pushed on our public deployment.

These changes include:

Modified 0x API to Query Historical Data — June 6th

The 0x API typically only works with the most up-to-date on-chain data. Requesting historical prices is necessary for building out charts, and finding changes over time. Our in-house 0x API now has the ability to request prices for any coin, at any point in time, as long as it existed within a common liquidity pool.

Price Change % — June 8th

24h Price change and current price now rely on live on-chain data.

Initial 0x Integration — June 8th

Live Price change data now rely on our in-house 0x API for better performance and user experience.

Cosmetic Fixes — June 8th

OpenGraph, and partial Twitter card support. Small changes to the text.

0x API Docker — June 8th

All-in-one Docker file created for the in-house 0x API. Makes it play nice with Google Cloud, and increases portability.

Cosmetic Fixes — June 9th

Moved the Set allocations chart to a more prominent location.

Total Supply & Market Cap — June 9th

Added live “Total supply”, and “market cap” on-chain data as it’s dynamically set for the TokenSets

Various Networking Fixes — June 10th

Redundant calls were removed, and the request throttle was increased for more bandwidth.

Change % on Product Pages — June 10th

Bug Fix for not correctly displaying 24h % change on the Product details page.

Networking Fixes for 0x API — June 10th

In-house 0x API optimization to avoid overloading RPC nodes.

Preliminary Portfolio Page Fixes — June 11th

Research into restoring the “portfolio” page, and minor fixes.

Further Fixes for 0x API — June 11th

0x now automatically retries failed RPC calls.

Increased Throughput for 0x API — June 13th

Request throttle was increased for more bandwidth.

Alchemy RPC for 0x API — June 14th

Settled on Alchemy as our node provider, and made adjustments to maximize compatibility with their custom implementations.

Over The Next 2 Weeks

Our developers are confident that they can make the following changes over the next two weeks:

  • Changing the percentages that correspond to the selected timeframe
  • Smoothing out erratic price charts
  • Adding a portfolio page
  • Adding max buy/sell buttons to TokenSet-based products

These modifications will help us better serve our clients and provide them with a more efficient experience. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on improving our platform.

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