Sun Wallet Development Begins

SW DAO’s Latest Mobile Investing Application

After two months of design conceptualization, Sun Wallet’s development begins today. This new mobile investing application will be SW DAO’s most ambitious project to date. Our 12-month contract with the Denmark-based RoboCat Dev team has clear-cut milestones that are laid out beginning with an alpha launch on Testflights —available first for discord community members in Q2.

What is the Sun Wallet?

Sun Wallet is the perfect investment tool for those who want to capitalize on the potential of the cryptocurrency market. By leveraging the Polygon network, Sun Wallet provides automated investing solutions to make sure you’re always getting the best market returns. With a user-friendly interface and no complexity, Sun Wallet makes it easy for anyone to get started in crypto investing.

Sun Wallet Design

This is a very exciting time for SW DAO following 2 months of wireframing and general design architecture. Sun Wallet’s features will help SWD token holders and the entire Sun Wallet community buy, sell, swap, and manage their SWD tokens and related tokenized investment products in one simple mobile application available on iOS.

wireframe design of Sun Wallet

Version 1.0 Specifications

“First official version of the Wallet app ready for release by end of Q2 of 2022. The app will be able to create a Smart Contract Wallet on the polygon network using the SW DAO backend. The app can create the wallet or you can log in to restore your wallet access using a passcode. A list of all purchased assets, tokens, and NFT’s will be displayed from the main screen of the app. The app is able to initiate sending tokens (transferring) and to receive tokens (display a QR or wallet address). The app will have notifications set up to let the user know when transactions have been completed.”

Main Features:

  • Create wallet/log in to wallet
  • Protect your wallet with a passcode
  • Wallet overview
  • List all your token assets with a balance
  • List all your NFT assets with a preview
  • Send tokens
  • Receive tokens
  • Single assets view

The release is broken up into 4 major milestones. Tentative milestone dates will be set for each milestone as the development progresses.

Sun Wallet mobile icon hand sketches

Version 1.0 Alpha Launch Milestones

The alpha release within our Discord community on TestFlight will provide first-hand access to those interested in submitting early design and user experience feedback. Subsequent releases after v1.0 Milestone 4, will include an open launch on the Apple App Store where anyone can download the app with no invitation required.

The below milestone releases are planned prior to releasing Sun Wallet fully mainstream:

Milestone 1

  • Running app with Wallet overview screen (no details)
  • Create wallet
  • Login

Milestone 2

  • Single asset view
  • Graphs and more details in overview

Milestone 3

  • Notifications
  • Firebase integration for receiving notifications when asset transactions have completed
  • Notifications tab
  • Send assets
  • Receive assets

Milestone 4

  • NFT’s in overview
  • Analytics
  • Transactions / history

Sun Wallet Roadmap

We aspire to build an all-in-one, single-touch automated investment wallet. As such, there are many steps in the development pipeline we have planned following the public launch of v1.0. While we collect community feedback, our Development team will add/subtract features and change the timeline as they best see fit.

Version 1.1 (Q3 2022)

  • Buy assets
  • Integration with Moonpay
  • WalletConnect integration
  • SMS Login / 2FA

Version 1.2 (Q4 2022)

  • Convert assets
  • Invest in products
  • Buy/sell NFTS

Version 1.3 (Q1 2023)

  • Referrals
  • Discover tab
  • Find assets to invest in
  • Editorial pieces
  • Learn tab
  • Tutorials / guides

Sun Wallet is the perfect investment tool for those who want to capitalize on the potential of the cryptocurrency market. The development process has begun, and we are excited to launch this new mobile app in Q2. If you want to learn more about Sun Wallet or our other projects, please join us on Discord.

Our team is always happy to chat with our community members and answer any questions they may have. Thank you for your continued support!

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