SW DAO Bug Bounty & UI/UX Contest

We Are Asking For Your Help

Beginning today we are accepting all bug bounties, all UI/UX proposal submissions, and all feedback on our web products no matter how minimal or critical they may be to our tokenized products success. (submit via Google Form, requires login)

If you are a smart contract developer, a code auditor, UI/UX designer, or simply a layman with a keen and critical eye for design, we welcome you to this bounty program.

For Infrastructure Bug Testers — Open-Ended Submissions

We will be offering a varying level of financial rewards paid out in USDC depending on how vital your feedback is. We will be referring to BugCrowd’s vulnerability rating taxonomy in regard to infrastructure priority ratings.

P4: $50 — $100

P3: $100 — $250

P2: $250 — $500

P1: $500 — $1000

Just because something may be registered as “low priority” on the rating taxonomy does not mean that it is not significant to our team. Do not discount the importance of “low priority” issues as two or three “low priority” bugs can sometimes be used in synchronization and become a “high priority” exploitable issue.

For UI/UX Refinement — Contest Ends December 31

For UI/UX development and design, we will be hosting a December competition. We will award 50 SWD tokens to whoever submits the most complete number of UI/UX errors with descriptions and potential solutions or makes design suggestions that would make our platform as simple and clean as possible.

Communication, Negotiation & Review

We are eager to work with every independent researcher and every UI/UX designer to negotiate a fair reward for your time, development, and findings regarding our project. Open communication is critical to the development and success of our project and we welcome you to open a line with our Admins on discord if you feel misunderstood.

Please keep in mind that the review, revision, and implementation of every bug fix takes time and effort on behalf of our development team. We will prioritize each bug and design update accordingly and may end up with a backlog of issues.

Existing Protocol Security Audits

Our tokenized products are currently running on the already heavily utilized and time-tested TokenSets platform. The Set protocol code that your hard-earned capital is traded through has been rigorously audited by OpenZepplin and ABDK. Further TokenSets smart contracts have been audited by PeckShield, Trail of Bits, and ChainSecurity. We hope this provides you with an increased level of comfort and reminds you that just because our web UI may currently be broken in parts, that your funds will continue to remain safe and secure while under our management.

How To Submit UI/UX Suggestions & Infrastructural Bugs

Please aggregate your collection of bugs/comments/suggestions and submit them as a .PDF, .DOC, or .DOCX file in the attached Google Form. Please note that an email is required for us to reach out and contact you regarding your submission.


Here is an example document of how your UI/UX suggestion document should look: Copy of Website feedback and bug hunt - Google Docs

We thank you for your patience, assistance, and continued support. This is a strong community of talented individuals, and together we’ll build this project into the long-standing institution of DeFi that it deserves to be.

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