SW DAO outperforms Ethereum by +25% in dHedge trading competition

A share of the $70,000 in rewards is now ours :trophy:

Our SW DAO trading team finished in 4th place in the 4-week dHedge Optimism network competition that ended on January 20th. Our trading team outperformed Ethereum by an absolute +25% from December 21st till January 20th. Our dHedge Alpha Portfolio investors will now lay claim to a portion of the $70,000 prize money.

The SW DAO trading team has outperformed Ethereum by an absolute +25% over the past 30 day period from December 21st until January 20th. This is considerable outperformance as this competition had no margin shorting ability and was limited to 4 trading pairs only. Out of 38 competitors, only 5 had positive portfolio returns at the conclusion of the competition.

Our 16 Alpha Portfolio dHedge investors will be eligible for a relative portion of the $70,000 in prizes in accordance with the rules below.

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