SW Meme Competition – Go for Launch! 🚀

It’s time for the first monthly meme contest! Win the hearts of your fellow community members, and you can win yourself some nice prizes.

Given that we’re launching in 2 weeks, this month’s theme will be the crypto classic; ‘Go For Launch!’

Show us your best rocket ship, space, take-off, NASA memes with an SWD twist. They can be any format: jpg, gif, Youtube video, poetry, anything that takes your fancy! You can make as many submissions as you like, so get creative! High-effort memes are more likely to get a strong response from the community, so we suggest bringing your A-game.

:trophy: Prizes :trophy:
1st place: 50 SWD tokens (value at time of writing = $580)
2nd place: 25 SWD tokens
3rd place: 10 SWD tokens

Users will only be eligible to receive a single prize, so if multiple entries from a user receive the top 2 vote counts that person will only take the first-place prize.

Submit your entry via the :clown_face:memes channel on our Discord by posting them along with the text ‘Submission for competition’. Submissions close 11:59pm UTC on Friday 26th November, so you’ve got a little over a week! There’ll be a 3-day community voting window before we announce the winners on Tuesday 30th November.

Good luck!