SW Yield Fund Quarterly Redemptions Now Available

the window closes on April 1 at 00:00 UTC

Quarterly capital redemptions are now available for all SW Yield Fund investors. This redemption period allows SWYF investors to exchange their SWYF token holdings for USDC or any other cryptocurrency of their choice to their personal Polygon wallet.

SW Yield Fund investors can head over to Matcha.xyz right now and convert their SWYF into any DEX asset they choose. The window will close on April 1 at 00:00 UTC. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this opportunity if you need the cash!

Why a quarterly lockup?

Yield Farming can be a time-consuming and capital-intensive process. By locking investors’ capital up for a predefined period, our traders are able to take full advantage of the short and long-term strategies that our fund seeks to employ in order to be both safe and diversified. Having a consistent and dependable pool of capital means that our traders can focus more on capturing alpha and less on withdrawing or deploying capital from pools at your whim.

What is the SW Yield Fund?

The SW Yield Fund is the smart way to invest in DeFi yield farms. Our team of experts intelligently analyzes and allocates across the best yield farms to minimize risk and maximize returns. With the SW Yield Fund, you can take advantage of the interest payments generated by yield farms while mitigating the variety of risks associated with them.

The SW Yield Fund is a diversified fund that seeks a target return of 60–80% per year.

We employ a variety of short and long-term yield farming strategies backed by machine learning to generate alpha for our investors. If you’re looking for a smart, safe way to invest in DeFi yield farms, look no further than the SW Yield Fund.