🗣️ SWIP-07 Discussion is Now Live in swip-7 🗣️

Community member @BigMike has proposed an innovative solution that will provide token liquidity for SWD all in one place, and entice others to provide additional liquidity with a new Bond issuance system.

The new system provides SWD token liquidity to be paired with our most popular products, Quantum Momentum ETH and SW Yield Fund, instead of just MATIC. Permitting us to protect SWD token price when the market is bad, but enjoy the gains when the market is frothy.

:ballot_box: Voting will open on May 24th at 00:00 UTC and last until May 27th at 00:00 UTC.:ballot_box:

:speaking_head: We look forward to your discussion in swip-7 :point_down: