SWIP-07 Voting Has Ended

Balancer Pool & Bonds to Be Created :+1:

The SWIP-07 governance voting period has now come to a close, and the results are in! The Governance community has voted in an overwhelming majority decision to move SWD token liquidity to a custom Balancer pool, as well as issue Bonds to increase pool liquidity. We want to thank everyone who participated in the voting process. Your input is invaluable as we seek to build the future of automated investing!

This decision will help increase liquidity for SWD token buyers and sellers, as well as provide more flexibility for users looking to invest in the SW DAO product line. We believe this is a positive step forward for the project, and we are excited to see what the future holds for SW DAO governance. Thank you again for your participation in this process!

The Results

A total of 44 governance members with 84,886.022 SWD tokens voted in SWIP-07 with 98.59% voting β€œYes” and 1.41% voting β€œNo”.


Discussion On SWIP-06

From the start, community discussion on Discord generally supported the SWIP-07 proposal. The main concerns revolved around the lack of contract audit and the inclusion of the Quantum Momentum ETH strategy, which has yet to prove itself over a multi-year span. However, governance is an important part of any project and voting is a key way for community members to have their voices heard. As such, it is encouraging to see that the SWIP-07 proposal has garnered broad support from the community with fair and productive criticism and discussion. With a strong mandate from voters, the team can move forward with confidence, knowing that they have the backing of the community.

Moving Forward

Over the coming weeks, our Developers will deploy the Balancer pool and slowly migrate liquidity to the pool. This liquidity pool will at first be 25% populated and tied to a USDC-based Uniswap pool. We will build out an in-house auto arbitrage bot to ensure smooth operation of the pool and continuance of fair SWD market price discoverable by CoinMarketCal and CoinGecko. By July, we expect the liquidity pool to be fully operational with minimal slippage. We believe this is a crucial development for the long-term success of SWD as it will provide much-needed liquidity for traders and help to stabilize the price.

Our team is currently finishing up our Bond issuance dApp page and we will launch it in June once our Beta dApp is confirmed to be operating in a stable public environment. The deployment of the Balancer pool and migration of liquidity will create deeper markets for SWD and help to ensure fair pricing discovery for our token holders. In addition, it will add TVL to our Quantum Momentum ETH and SW Yield Fund strategies. We are committed to creating a strong ecosystem for SWD and are excited to launch these important features in the coming weeks.

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