SWIP-08: The Proposal That Could Change SW DAO’s Future

$11,000 for the Development and Design of a White Label Platform

SWIP-08 is coming up for a vote on July 5th and it has the potential to change the future of SW DAO. This proposal would set aside $11,000 in DAO treasury SWD for the Development and Design of a white label platform.

This would allow anyone to create a branded version of the SW DAO platform, which could be used for a variety of investment purposes. We’re excited to see what everyone thinks about this proposal and we encourage everyone to join the discussion in our discord channel #swip-8!

Full Proposal Here

SWIP-08: Do you approve the use of $11,000 of SWD tokens from the DAO Treasury for White Label Development & Design?

All changes outlined above will be approved or denied in a single vote. ‌Governance participants will select one of the following two options:

  1. Yes
  2. No

Voting Period

SWIP-08 voting will be open Tuesday, July 5th at 00:00 UTC until July 8th at 00:00 UTC. Voting will occur via our Snapshot page.


We can’t wait to read all of your comments and feedback as we head into this week’s community discussion in Discord!

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