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Invest in our fund to stake a claim in the prize money :money_mouth_face:

SW DAO has joined the dHEDGE Optimism Trading Competition and you can join us in winning a portion of the $70,000 in prizes! We have deployed capital for this competition on the ETH Optimism network, and are trading based on a Long-Only version of our flagship SW Alpha Portfolio (SWAP).

Since our Long-Short SW Alpha Portfolio TokenSets strategy has launched on December 1st it has outperformed Ethereum by +30% on an absolute return basis. We cant wait to see what our Long-Only adaptation can do! If you believe, as we do, it will place in the top 5 among our 34 competitors then invest with us to win a portion of the $70,000.

About The Competition

The dHEDGE competition in partnership with Synthetix will last for 30 days, from December 21st to January 20th. During this time period, fund managers will be permitted to trade sBTC, sETH, and sLINK.

Sharing The Rewards

All investors who have capital allocated to a top 5 ranking pool at the end of the 30 days will win a share in the $50,000 DHT and $20,000 SNX reward pool. The weighting of the claim will be proportionally divided according to each investor’s capital contribution to the total sum of capital managed in the 5 pools.

Winnings are awarded by the amount invested over each day of the 30 days. This means, $2.3k ($70k / 30 days) will be split between investors each day, based on how much they had invested that day in any of the 5 winning pools.

Any investor who contributes $100 sUSD or more to an Optimism Trading Contest pool and is Twitter verified on the dHEDGE app will be eligible for rewards.

Our Thoughts on The Market

“Headed into Q1 2022 we believe there will be a frontrunning of January inflows this final week of 2021. It is likely that the market is risk-off during the holiday season and many will repurchase risk assets once this season has concluded. Additionally, all Huobi Mainland-China users’ accounts have been changed to “sell-only” status which began on December 15th and will end on December 31st. Once many of their accounts are fully restricted from any sort of transactions on January 1st we could see a major decline in sell pressure. We have also recently seen Options positioning which is clearly skewed towards higher prices in the near future.”

Alexander Markl, Co-Founder, Head of Strategy

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